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Titania Michniewicz - Artist Bio

There was something so perfect about Sister Barbara’s lovely face framed by her veil and habit. Her serenity and radiant strength inspired me. At three years old, she represented Beauty to me.

At nine I received my first sketchbook and box of pastel crayons from my artist aunt, Diana Lemire-Savidant. Encouraged by my mother, I spent hours at a time drawing and colouring in my book. Later, visits to my aunt Diana’s painting and teaching studio showed me a professional artist’s place in her community. I loved the experience of a space dedicated to making Art.

My father’s sister, Sister Collette practiced Art on a monumental scale. A visit to the school where she taught exposed me to the possibility of fearless exploration and a spiritual foundation to art-making.

As I grew up, I channelled my love of Beauty into creating it. Coaching from my parents and my two aunts encouraged me to pursue my drawing and watercolour painting.

At age thirteen I was accepted into the Arts Visuelles program at l’Ecole Secondaire De La Salle, a high school dedicated to a study of the Fine Arts. There I began my formal training: studying Art theory, photography, printmaking and design with Claire Guillemette-Lamirande; drawing and painting with Marc Charlebois and Michel Sauvage and sculpture with Miguel Berlangua.

At the Ottawa School of Art I studied sculpture and design with Ken Finch and John Sadler.

Enrolment at Ottawa University in the Visual Arts department in 1991 led to further studies in Art history, design, drawing, painting, photography and sculpture. Professors Philip Fry, Leslie Reid, Roland Poulin, Lorraine Gilbert, Suzanne Pasquin and Carla Whiteside all had a significant impact on my creative perspective and practice.

In 1994 I transferred to the University of Victoria. In 1996 I graduated my B.F.A. in Studio. My focus of study was primarily in the disciplines of sculpture with professors Roland Brennerand Mowry Baden and painting with Robert Youds and Joseph Ho.

Since graduation, I have lived in Whistler and Vancouver, while continually practicing and exhibiting my Art and taking courses in silversmithing and glassbead making.

I now make my home on Bowen Island, British Columbia where I live and work in a wonderful community of people and incredible natural beauty. My paintings and wearable are found in private and corporate collections across Canada and the US.

My mother, Doris Lemire-Michniewicz, father, Joseph Michniewicz and brother Micheal A.S. Michniewicz, are award-winning artists in the Ottawa area.