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I am pleased to say that I have been creating and developing Gemscapes for 14 years. The time has gone quickly with wonderful creations as my result! The techniques I use evolved from basic bead-stitching methods, an intricate business as anyone who has attempted it can attest! From that often-knotty foundation, I launched into exciting exploration, teaching myself new methods and experimenting with beads of different dimensions and mediums. I have been seduced by the world of beads and their possibilities!

My pieces are constructed in my light-filled, home-based studio, surrounded by lots of beads and inspiration. That I live in a beautiful place is not lost on me, and finds it's way into my creative expression. Commissions for custom pieces are especially delightful, as I get to create something wonderful for a particular person. Information about what is loved can only contribute to an even better result!

Why Gemscape? The name Gemscape evolved from a desire to title this unique form of creative expression with a descriptive name, a catchphrase that would encompass both the wearable and non-wearable pieces. Gemscape is a play on landscape and gems. Each Gemscape is delicately woven of pearls, gemstones, Swarovski crystals and various glass beads. Often, especially in the case ofthe wearable pieces, a sterling silver framework is used. This art form is a satisfying combination of many different disciplines all rolled into one: the colour of painting, the three dimensional form of sculpting, the intricacy of weaving/textiles, and the exquisiteness of jewellery-making and adornment.

Gemscape creation is time-intensive, like most handcrafted work. Each bead, pearl or semi-precious stone is deliberately chosen, then woven, with a needle and thread, one bead to another, into a mosaic-tapestry. Often a frame-work of sterling silver wire is used to support the weaving, although sometimes they are woven without a frame.

The measurements I provide are of the woven piece itself. Earrings come with Sterling Silver earwires (and rubber backs to prevent loss) and pendants come with a 16" or 18" Sterling Silver cable chain of an appropriate gauge for the piece.

Average prices range from $250 to $1200 CDN.

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